Welcome to Phillips River Mining Limited

Phillips River Mining is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:PRH). It is presently suspended from trading. On 26 March 2014 the Kiwanda Group LLC acquired a 19.9% interest in Phillips River and appointed new Directors to the Board of Phillips River. The new Directors are guiding Phillips River through a transition, which if successful, will allow the securities in Phillips River to resume trading and create value for its shareholders. Shareholders will receive correspondence from the Company about the progress of that transition, and we encourage you to regularly check this website as it is improved, announcements are made and the transition progresses.

If you wish to contact the Company, please contact:

The Company Secretary, Chris West at +61 2 9262 2922 and Level 4, 275 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 or Mark Sumner, Director at +1 971 340 8887